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Ultimate Lover Winner, Kachi reveals Rosie aborted their baby without his consent. Read Roksie Full Details Here

Ultimate Love Nigeria Season one winners, Kachi and Rosie Roksie have officially broken up. The couple got engaged during the finale of the show just after they were announced as winners.

Recently Kachi, had a tell it all interview with Chude Jidenwo, who said Kachi reached out to him to grant him an interview as he wanted to tell his own side of the story.

According to Kachi, he said Rosie aborted the 12 weeks old pregnancy without his consent when they were together.

The reason she gave for the child abortion was because of her family issues especially her parents and to also secure her career without thinking about their relationship and where they both want to get to with their love.

Weeks ago the couple confirmed their break up. First with Kachi first posting a tweet on Twitter saying he was depressed, seemingly as he was still in depression, Rosie deleted all her photos with Kachi on her Instagram page and also disclosed in a video she posted on her IG story that, she was no more with Kachi.

In the video which went viral, she accused Kachi of cheating on her and making insensitive comments about him not marrying her to friends and family.

Kachi also said that he made it clear to her that, he was not going to be part of the abortion because he needed that child but she still insisted on aborting the pregnancy, one day he went with her to get the drugs she said she needed to use to get rid of the pregnancy but deep down he hoped they did not find the drug. However, she later bought the drug and executed her plans.

Apparently, the pregnancy Rosie aborted did not go well with him.

Kachi alleged that Rosie took the pills against his stand and lost the baby in what he alleged was a “case of termination”.

He said ;

“I entered ‘Ultimate Love’ to experience love from a different angle other than the usual. I needed to find that person with whom I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

When I got on the show, I had mixed feelings but along the line, I found myself falling helplessly in love. I fell in love with her, one of the reasons why I had to propose to her on stage. I didn’t have to do that but it was to cement whatever I felt for her in the house.

“It was genuine and she accepted. The problem started with her wanting her brother to be her manager. I would be like no. So we’ve had times when we had to raise our voice at each other. She claimed I don’t trust and respect her.

“That our relationship is toxic. So I was trying to find out where all of that was coming from. She was pregnant in the hotel. When she told me, I was like, ‘wow, that’s good news. This is what I’ve always been expecting’.

“She was like she doesn’t want her parents to find out. That she had made mistake the first, second, and now this. She said she wants to get married properly before giving birth. Before the parent issue, she brought in the issue of her career first, which prompted me to ask her if it was about her career or her family.

“She said it was about family. But a few days after, she said we needed to take it off. She didn’t come out straight but said there was a particular drug she wants to take. I remember telling her I would not be part of it.

”Kachi said the doctors didn’t tell him what was wrong but told him to go home when he sought to wait.

” I later told her that, if it’s God’s will that the child would be, let’s not see any pharmacy that has “the drug. We couldn’t get it. One day, she called a pharmacist and the guy asked her who was supposed to take the drug? She said she is the one. When she was asked how old, she said 12 weeks. He said we should come to a particular place farther from where we were. She concluded I asked the guy to send the drug to our hotel through a dispatch rider.

“I didn’t talk to her until we had a conversation where she was trying to convince me the drug is just to cleanse the womb. I didn’t bother to find out if the rider later came. She started having intense stomach upset and bleeding.

“After consultations, the doctor didn’t tell me exactly what was wrong but they gave me a form to fill. When she was discharged, it was a case of termination. She never lost that child. We’ve been separated for two weeks now.”

He also revealed that it was Rosie who sent an email to Multichoice Nigeria for the annulment of their traditional wedding that was already scheduled, an email he said she copied him to, it may seem as though the email was what drove Kachi into depression.

Roksie had recently celebrated their 6 months anniversary before the breakup.


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